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CHIYE GLASS BEAD HEBEI CO LTD Which was set up in 1998 is the biggest and specialized supplier of reflective glass beads for road safety The company owns 28 glass bead production lines for producing various glass beads with nanual output of 100 000MT ChiYe has proceeded the certification of ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environment management system ChiYe mainly manufactures Drop on Glass Beads Intermix Glass Beads Adhesive Glass Beads Moisture Proof Glass Beads Dual Coated Glass Beads S Brialliance Glass Beads Blasting Glass Beads Grinding Glass Beads Twinkling Big Glass Beads Glass Particles and so on Moreover every kind of glass beads can be produced based on the...

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Drop-on Glass Beads

Intermix Glass Beads

Adhesive Glass Beads

Moisture-Proof Glass Beads

Dual-Coated Glass Beads

S-Brilliance Glass Beads

Blasting Glass Beads

Grinding Glass Beads

Twinkling Big Glass Beads

Glass Particles

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