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HomeIndustry InformationRoad marking glass beads construction requirements

Road marking glass beads construction requirements

The application of ambient temperature acrylic acid marking paint is poor, and it cannot be constructed below 5°C. Due to the high flux content, it poses a fire hazard to the construction. The adaptability of hot-melt marking construction is also poor, and it requires construction above 15°C. If the construction is under high temperature, the cooling time will be long, and the glass beads will easily sink, which will affect the traffic and reflective effects. If the construction is conducted at low temperature, the cooling will be too fast, the coating cannot effectively penetrate the ground, the adhesion force will decrease, and the glass beads will be reduced. Unusable sinks can easily fall. Liquefied gas is also required to be heated to a high temperature of 200°C, posing a blasting and fire hazard to the construction. The two-component road marking paint is a cold-formed commodity and has excellent construction applicability. It is suitable for construction under the ambient temperature of -5 to 35°C. After artificially adjusting the amount of chemical catalyst added, it can be artificially different at different temperatures. Control the curing time; the construction process is semi-mechanized and highly efficient; the coating is virtually free of flux, non-flammable, and does not require heating, ensuring construction safety.
The hot-melt line in the construction of the floor paint is often used as a traffic route or a garage project. It has features such as high wear resistance, low quotation, and short construction time, so it is well received by many consumers. However, during the time of marking, it is necessary to pay attention to the selected materials, temperature, and the construction process. Because the occurrence of errors in these processes will lead to quality problems.
1. Adhesion: The common formula and road surface have outstanding contact power, and a special undercoating agent is applied before marking. Make the paint and road contact more and more consolidate.
2, anti-skid: contains anti-skid additives, so that the paint adhere to outstanding leveling, but also has a good anti-slip function, the maximum limit to ensure traffic safety.
3, reflective: contains ample high-quality glass beads stable refractive index, and based on the glass beads sedimentation rate of scientific selection of mixed particles of different types of glass beads, to ensure that the old and new markings adhere to outstanding reflective effect .
4, boring: According to the construction conditions are not the same as the supply of different formulas to ensure that dry 3-5 minutes dry, and adhere to excellent anti-fouling properties.
5, stability: contain UV protection additives, and use light, heat stability, good material production, so that long-term adherence to the original status and color marking.

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