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HomeIndustry InformationRoad marking Line with Reflective Glass Beads

Road marking Line with Reflective Glass Beads


1, oscillating markings

The white markings on the carriageway that are uneven on the expressway are called oscillating markings. The main function is to remind the tanker drivers that there are downhill sections, corners, and so on. A single yellow line is a separation line in a carriageway. It is necessary to prohibit crossing overtaking. If it is a single yellow line, you need to deduct three points.During production of paints, qualified glass beads will be mixed into them as certain proportion required by standards.Certain proportion glass beads will be dropped on during application of paint on road, which has been mixed with glass beads, before they are dry. Under the effect of gravity of glass beads itself, the glass beads will inlaid into paint by part of their surface. When the car light attaches such kind of road marking lines, the light will be reflected back to the eyes of driver to increase driving safety at night.
The glass bead can be separated as intermix beads and drop on beads according to the usage of them, and also can be devided as moisture-proof beads, adhesive coating beads and dual-coated beads.

2 lane dividing line

The white dotted line is the demarcation line in the car loan. The role is to be able to mark the position of the carriageway well. The dotted line can be crossed, and the white solid line is used as the dividing line of the carriageway. It needs to be prohibited. Crossing and overtaking, because it is necessary to prohibit overtaking in the tunnel, if the middle is a solid line, but not in the high speed of the tunnel, the middle is the dotted line. If there is a middle solid line in the tunnel, a fine of 200 is to be deducted for the overtaking.

3, diversion line

The diversion line is mainly for several or one, the white V-shaped line or the diagonal line area set according to the terrain of the intersection, which means that the tanker must be driven according to the specified line, and cannot We drive on line and line. It is mainly used at intersections, ramps, three-dimensional intersections, etc., or other special locations that are so irregular, overly wide, and have complex driving conditions.

4, deceleration marking

Deceleration markings are white dashed lines set on those exit ramps, toll plazas, or roads that require other vehicles to slow down. They have three dashed, two dashed, and one dashed lines that are set perpendicular to the direction of traffic. The warning of the need to slow down the road ahead.

5, vehicle distance confirmation line

The vehicle distance confirmation line on the expressway is a white parallel thick solid line, which is used in conjunction with the vehicle distance confirmation mark on the side, and is often set on the necessary road sections that are relatively easy to cause accidents, overtaking, and the like. The function of the vehicle distance confirmation line of the expressway is that, when such a line is seen, the driver should maintain a good safety distance from the vehicle ahead.

6, wrong vision marking

The tunnel is a relatively special section of the highway. There is a clear difference in the brightness of the outside of the tunnel. After the tanker enters the tunnel, it will produce a visual difference. If the speed of the road is too fast, it is a comparison. It is prone to rear-end collision and out-of-control, so the marking is called the special deceleration marking. After two hundred meters outside the tunnel and one hundred meters in the tunnel, the wrong visual markings can be made to give the driver a sense of space compression. When you see the lane in the direction of driving, it will show a The visual illusion of the widening of the wide narrow road makes it possible for the driver to decelerate before entering the tunnel. (Text / Sun Ni)

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