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Application of Glass Beads


Here are the top five uses for glass beads:

1. Glass beads for road use are mainly used in normal temperature and hot melt road marking paints. Pre-mixed and surface-sprayed, pre-mixed glass beads can be mixed in the paint during the production of hot-melt road coatings, which can ensure long-term reflection of road markings during the life span.

The other can be applied to the surface of the marking line during the construction of the road marking line to provide instant reflection. The surface-treated coated glass beads are used in the construction of road markings, which can greatly improve the adhesion of glass beads and hot-melt marking lines, enhance the refractive index of road markings, and have self-cleaning and anti-fouling. Use for moisture protection, etc. Glass beads for road use are used to improve the reverse reflex performance of pavement coatings and improve the safety of drivers driving at night.

2. The glass beads used for industrial blasting and additives can not damage the surface of the workpiece and improve the precision of the workpiece on the metal surface and the surface of the mold. Used for cleaning and polishing of metal, plastic, jewelry, precision casting and other items. It is a high-grade finishing material commonly used at home and abroad.

3, glass beads in a variety of medical equipment and nylon, rubber, engineering plastics, aviation and other fields as a new type of material is widely used. Such as additives, enhancers and so on.

4, crafts special glass beads, glass sand and colored glass beads, is the ideal material for clothing printing, clothing heat transfer, Christmas tree surface decoration, artificial fruit, artificial flower handicraft surface decoration, manufacturing hourglass and sand flow!

5, high refractive index glass beads are reflective fabrics, reflective coatings, chemical coatings, advertising materials, apparel materials, reflective film, reflective cloth, anti-cursor logo, airport runway, shoes and hats, school bags, water and land life-saving supplies, night activities The necessary materials for people to wear such products.

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